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Uganda Lodges & Campsites: Rooftop Tent Car Camping

Uganda is the perfect destination to explore on your own with a 4×4 rental car. There are plenty of camping sites near the national parks and remote areas too. But before you go ahead, you have to first book with the camping ground handler. There also are plenty of beautiful, well-maintained camping grounds and with a tough 4WD you can explore the wildlife parks at your own pace. A 4 × 4 car is highly recommended due to the many potholes, gravel and dirt roads, a car with higher clearance is a must! We design self-drives with camping equipment, lodge accommodations or a combination.

Below are some of the best places to stay with a rooftop tent car

Apoka Rest Camp in Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park is a must visit for tourist wishing to visit Uganda on a self-drive safari. No wonder it was rated as the 3rd best park in Africa.

The Apoka rest camp is one of the beautiful public camping sites a traveler can access in need for camping within the Kidepo Valley National Park. Apoka Rest Camp is best to stay with a rooftop tent car, friendly people, good service, and good basic facilities.

Its location is perfect, you don’t need to move around much since the major animals come visiting that place, elephants and buffaloes, but also water bucks, warthogs, and some few antelopes.

The major attractions are the buffaloes, since they are plenty (in the thousands); you can be able to look for big five, elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard. However, the lions are challenged, not because of poaching, but because of limited access to food, they have to pray on the buffaloes, powerful animals, and not many lions survive this challenge the number of easier games like impala, gazelle is very small in this park.

You wonder when looking at the vast Savannah covered with beautiful grass why there are no antelopes roaming around like elsewhere in East Africa. The road to Kidepo is now tarmacked all the way from Kampala to Kitgum town and about 100km to Kidepo is Murram but well maintained.

Kakine Camp Site in Kidepo Valley National Park

Kakine camp site is the most another public campsite on top of the hill in Kidepo national park good for to stay with a rooftop tent car. It overlooks the Narus valley and offers amazing views of the Savannah grasslands. A fantastic campsite with two shelters for eating, western style toilers, and cold showers.

Register at the main Uganda Wildlife Authority office in Apoka, and they will send a ranger at night who will also start a campfire if you have nit already done so. Lion’s rocks are 2km to the east, and you can spot lions there in the evening and mornings.

Red Chill Rest Camp

No road trip will would be complete without a visit to Murchison Falls National Park. The hottest place to chill in Murchison with a rooftop tent is Red Chill Rest Camp, located to explore the largest National Park in Uganda. Situated in the heart of the park at Paraa, this camp is just 500m from the Nile, were delta game drives and from where boats depart for Falls & Delta trips. Sometimes you don’t even have to leave the camp for game viewing though – hippo and warthog are regular visitors to the camp too.

The camp has various options to stay including self-sufficient Banda’s, cottages and tents.

Kanyanchu River Camp in Kibale National Park

This camp is located at the center of the near the Kanyanchu Visitor’s Center Information where most of the park activities start from including the primate tracking and forest walks. This center will provide you with all the possible information that you’re searching for in relation to your Chimpanzee trekking Safari.

The Kanyanchu River camp is also good for tourists traveling with a rooftop tent car. Accommodation is offered in four 4 Banda’s which have comfortable beds and bedings. There is also an added Banda which is self-catering. The environment is conducive with natural viewings and public toilets.

Other various attractions and things to do, nearby the Kibale National Park are listed, to guide you on your safari planning. You can as well plan your safari with Kanyanchu Visitor’s Center Information who have experience, and have been doing this for years and can make all possible arrangements for your dream chimpanzee trekking experience.

Sebitoli Camp in Kibale National Park

Sebitoli camping ground is owned by the Uganda Wildlife Authority UWA and is found north of Kibale Forest. Those with a rooftop tent car can camp with this beautiful camp. But the camp itself offers accommodation in twin rooms which all feature modern washroom facilities with showers. Food is available in Variety at Sebitoli camping ground. This is a place which gives you an opportunity to rest your head after a long day of adventuring the forest.

Mweya Campsite in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Mweya campsite is a lovely place for campers with rooftop ten cars, where you get to experience wild nature as it unfolds. Located near Kazinga channel, inside Queen Elizabeth National Park. It has beautiful views of hippos and antelopes.

Buhoma Rest Camp in Bwindi Forest

Do you want to feel like Dian Fossey in her campsite? Choose this camp. This is a great place to stay while you visit the gorillas with a rooftop tent car. Very close to the headquarters where you met in the early morning and very comfortable. The camping is comfortable for those with tents and rooftop tent cars. There is fire to sit beside and hot drinks available all day really recommend this place. I might suggest heading down the long bumpy road after your gorilla trek as it cuts down your drive the following day if you are short of time.

The camp is also good location at the doorsteps of the gorilla trekking. Really good for bird lovers as you can watch them from the terrace. This is a good place to stay to support the community project.

The restaurant has a beautiful view and offers free tea and coffee. The food is simple but filling. The service was sometimes a bit indifferent but on the whole our experience here was good. The rooms are very basic and it was a bit cold in the room. It is also a steep path from the restaurant to some of the rooms you will need a torch at night. Watch out for ants in the beds.

Rushaga Gorilla Camp

Rushaga Gorilla Camp is a great value safari lodge. Located within a distance of just 15 minutes’ walk away from the gorilla tracking starting point, this is the ultimate place to stay during your safari. This mid-range lodge features all the facilities that you need to enjoy an amazing holiday. It has eco-friendly lodges with luxury tents and double Banda’s close to the forest. There is also an option to pitch your own tent. Therefore, you can go camping with an own tent or with your rooftop tent car. It has so many activities to do including gorilla trekking adventure.

Karungi Camp

Sometimes in life you stumble upon amazing people and places. Karungi Camp is amazing!! Easily the best place to stay during your time in Uganda. There is a real connection with the community here and you are able to truly immerse yourself in the local culture. The accommodation itself is great and has all you need for a short stay. It is also incredibly reasonably priced (especially considering the prices of some of the lodges just up the road).

The surrounding area is beautiful and the local town, Rubuguri, is full of character. The gorilla trekking is obviously a huge attraction but there is a lot more to do in the area. All of the staff working at Karungi Camp are so friendly and helpful.

Bunyonyi Overland Resort

You can also camp at Bunyonyi Overland Resort, located on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi offering you a base to explore the lake and its beautiful islands. The resort is designed to give you a great memorable experience and a magnificent stay during your visit to Lake Bunyonyi. It is situated as a wonderful stop-over on your way to visit the mountain gorillas and other beautiful scenic destinations. Have fun with onsite activities like rowing and fishing. Additional recreation onsite includes squash and volleyball. Enjoy amenities like a picnic area and a garden.

Rwonyo Camp in Lake Mburo

No trip would be complete with a visit to Lake Mburo National Park. A compact gem, located conveniently close to the highway that connects Kampala to the parks of western Uganda that is other than Lake Mburo National Park. It’s a home to 350 bird species as well as zebras, impalas, elands, buffaloes, oribi, Defassa water buck, leopard, hippo, hyena, topi and reed buck.

In this camp you will have your own tent. You will see plenty of great sites for you to choose from. Take your time to pick a spot with the best view. Shared shower & toilet facilities aren’t far away. There is a separate kitchen & cooking facility available if you’ve brought your own food, even though of course we’d love to feed you ourselves from our fabulous restaurant.

Leopard Camp in Lake Mburo National Park

Leopard Camp is an eco-friendly campsite nestled on the boarder of Mburo National Park, located just 2 minutes’ drive from the Nshara park entrance gate. The camp offers custom bike safaris, walking safaris and game drives both inside and outside the park.

They also have a variety of accommodation suited to all budgets, from camping with your own equipment to lazy camping, to en suite safari tents. We have a bar/restaurant where you can enjoy delicious meals prepared by our Chef Joseph.

For those inclined to lazy days, relax in a hammock and enjoy the stunning view of rolling green hills while listening to the sounds of hundreds of birds singing.

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