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Sebitoli Game Reserve

Sebitoli wetland is located in south western Uganda in fort portal district just 12km away from Fort portal town.  Sebitoli Wetland is birding paradise to bird lovers and provides excellent bird species along the Sebotoli Wetland.

Sebotoli Wetland offers you guide nature walk which is an ideal activity to spot various bird species just like those at Magombe, are carried out in the Kihingani wetland.

Wetland in Busoro sub county, part of the wetland had been allocated to private developers in order to construct houses, and after embracing the management plan, the encroachers were evicted.

The wetland is home to many plant and bird species, primates like the monkeys, that started attracting tourists. Due to the presence of tourists, many community members have set up a crafts market to earn some income.

Keen walkers will be able to enjoy a full day hike in the Sebitoli Forest to see the wide variety of monkeys including red tailed and blue monkeys. There is also abundant birdlife in the forest including some rare species not seen in other parts of Uganda.

Sebitoli Forest Camp is Kibale’s secondary tourism centre in the north of the forest offers guided forest walks and a chance to encounter primates such as red colobus, black-and-white colobus, blue monkeys and vervet monkeys. Visitors may also spot a variety of aquatic, forest and savannah birds and enjoy views of the Mpanga River.