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Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is a hidden “gem” of the Albertine Rift valley in Uganda. It is found in western Uganda, about 300km from Kampala. It is not as old as other protected areas in Uganda. It is the newest of them all and covers an area of about 87 sq.

Miles of protected land. It was established as a reserve in 2002. It is part of the Albertine rift, an area which has various attractions extending from the Mgahinga National Park in the south to Murchison Falls in the north. It occupies the scenic plains sandwiched between the Bunyoro escarpments.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve’s biggest attraction is not so much the wildlife but the collective scenic wonder of everything found in this little piece of heaven. You can take guided walks; go on exciting game drives, horseback riding, bird watching, and fossil hunting.