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Ajai Wildlife Reserve

The Ajai Wildlife Reserve is a small conservation protected area in northeastern Uganda dominated by a large island surrounded by seasonally flooded swamps and wooded savanna. Ajai Wildlife Reserve is situated in northern Uganda along the western shores of the mighty Albert Nile near Arua district, covered by grassland.

This small Wildlife Reserve spans at 166 square kilometers (16600 hectares) of land and is managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

With all the treasures that this Wildlife Reserve holds, it is a perfect place for a safari in a secluded environment given the fact that it is often neglected by tourists on a safari. Its landscape is dominated by a vast island and its surrounding is at times flooded by swamps in addition to savannah woodland vegetation.

wildlife species that include primates such as the Olive baboons, the black and white colobus monkeys and the Vervet monkeys, the warthogs, the Sitatungas, the lions, the Lelwel Hartebeest, the Leopards, the Warthogs, Sitatungas, the Blue duikers, the zebras, Common Duiker, the Oribis, as well as Uganda Kobs among others. There are several aquatic Wildlife Species such as the Hippos and the Crocodiles and other reptiles such as the Pythons.

There are several bird species that call Ajai Wildlife reserve home and they include the Grey Crowned cranes, Marabou stocks and African fish eagles among others.

The dry season (December to early March and June to October) is the best to go to Ajai wildlife reserve. There are no accommodation facilities within the Wildlife Reserve, but can be booked from Gulu or Arua Town.