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Explore, Camp and Adventure in stunning Uganda

Watch the sun setting, sleep under limited medley of wild roars, and wake up below exotic bird vocals and watch the sun rising. Uganda is blessed with great treasure that christened it the Pearl of Africa, untamed natural wonders rightly accelerating from the embryonic landscape of moderately sloping to steep slopes across the country.

The natural wonders have always suggested a great camping adventure, enjoy a coffee while watching bird crossing over, a great animal scenery. To watch and explore Africa on an intensive scale, then consider this super camping adventure tender.

Camping it’s not only for luxurious travelers, but it’s a perfect way of spending little dollar. It’s an economized venture of exploring greater places not as one many may assume it being a high-end traveling venture.

Ways to go for a camping adventure

  • Self-guided camping adventure

Here rent a 4×4 safari vehicle and seat behind the wheels to decide everything on the trip. Many of the travelers traveling on an economy budget have agreed to take this new venture and go for a self-drive adventure. It’s really an amazing deal enjoying the freedom and privacy of driving and decide everything concerning the as well to prepare your own meals or buying meals from nearby restaurants.

  • Partially guided camping adventure

On this adventure, hire the 4×4 vehicle and camping gears, most preferred is the 4×4 rooftop tent rental with a driver, as well can hire a chief to aid in meal preparations. When renting a car with the driver, means you still have full control over every decision made on the trip. This comes common for luxury camping adventures who wish to experience African nature on their own pace, then they choose to rent a 4×4 car with driver and other helpers on the trip and remain with the lousily explore unlimited.

  • Full guided camping adventure

All things are catered for by tour operators, it’s as well okay to decide having a camping adventure. This is the most common way many travelers across the global are exploring beautiful places. Only have to inform your tour operator make prior payments to the operator and they can organize everything exactly as one would prefer.

  • How are camping adventures in Uganda organized?

Camping can either be ground camping or rooftop tent camping. Can drive to any of tourist destination and have an overnight to camping sites of various lodges and campsites which are widely spread to various tourist’s destinations especially parks and reserves.

If you’re to use camping set by lodges and campsites it’s quite expensive this is only ground camping and Banda’s. But when opting for the tremendous rooftop camping adventure, have to rent a 4×4 rooftop tent vehicle which are widely available.

In all national parks in Uganda there are opportunities for camping adventures in all montane, tropic and Savannah parks. Camping adventures are so special when in Savannah parks where tourists have a chance of sleeping into the wildness in the midst of animal roars.

What to carry on a camping adventure?

Depending on the nature of camping would prefer on the adventure, knowing that ground and rooftop camping are varying ways of adventure camping. What your need to carry also depends on which kind of camping, if you’re to use the lodge set camping gears you may need only to drive to your reserved lodge.

Camping kit include: camping tent (ground or rooftop tent), foam mattresses, sleeping bag with pillows and bed sheets, camping chairs, table, cool box serves as storage box (not electrical), cooking gas cylinder, plastic cups, and plates pots, frying pans, knife & cutlery set with a can opener, cork screw, strainer, coffee percolator, cutting board, dish towel, washing line & pegs, headlights, solar table lamp